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For TFS, the integrity of people is not optional, it is an essential part of our culture.

We know our stakeholders well and we know that they share a commitment to doing business with Corporate Social Responsibility.

We are a Mexican company committed to the ethics of our country.

Being anti-bribery is an act of will, and at TFS we want to join wills.

The fight against corruption and bribery in Mexico is a necessary reality and extends to all industries. Working towards a culture of compliance, integrity and its prevention covers various purposes, such as:

➔ Employee and business conduct.
➔ National and international normativity.
➔ Institutional policies, manuals, processes and procedures.
➔ Prevention of criminal liability of the company.

At TFS we state that transparency and legality are a priority and we assume the premise of zero tolerance for corruption and bribery. We faithfully believe that with this, we will be contributing to the well-being of society in each of the countries in which we have a presence.

We continue to work for transparency and honesty now with the anti-bribery culture.

We have developed an Ethics System that ensures that TFS’s operations are in compliance with the law and the highest international standards as a framework for establishing, implementing and maintaining our anti-bribery compliance program.

Our mission is for it to be operable both within the TFS, as well as in its companies, as well as in all the countries in which we work.

We assume the responsibility of implementing the actions, protocols, and policies that help us guarantee compliance on a day-to-day basis in all our transactions and relationships with suppliers, customers, and governments.

What is bribery and what impact does it have towards corruption? This is how we understand it at TFS:

To begin to understand an anti-bribery culture, the involvement of the organization’s human capital is essential. This is what our collaborators understand about bribery and its impact on corruption:

"We contribute to the well-being of society in every one of the countries in which we have a presence, ensuring that business relationships are safe, legal and transparent, assuming the premise of zero tolerance for corruption and bribe"

José Edel Álvarez Delong, CEO of Nuvoil Business Group.

"Perform or suggest an action that intimidates in order to harm and obtain a benefit in bad faith."

Grecia Gonzalez, Coordinator of Corporate Social Responsibility.

"Bribery is a dishonest act that destroys us as a society."

Erick Gutierrez, Integral Management System Specialist.

"Bribery can be referred to as the intention of an actor to gain an advantage through a remuneration that, being agreed between the parties, forces a second party to act against the regulated and established in favor of the proposing actor."

Mauricio Borrero, Manager of Integral Management System.

This image shows the various manifestations of corruption and the regulations on which our system is based, according to the UNCAC (United Nations Convention against Corruption).

It is important to combat the problems that affect:

➔ Countries.
➔ Public and private companies.
➔ The mental and physical health of people.

In this sense, at TFS we take action with the aim of confronting this act with positive actions.

Learn about our ethics system with implementation of the ISO 37001 standard.

At TFS we always work in favor of the vision, mission and values of our management model, hand in hand with our main pillars, which are: the Comprehensive Management System and the Corporate Social Responsibility model.

Likewise, we have an Ethics System that covers operational management, the compliance function, and risks and auditing, which we have just strengthened with the best global anti-bribery practices in accordance with the ISO 37001. international standard.

This effort was made across the TFS Turbine Field Solutions to ensure that all of our business relationships are safe, legal and transparent.

It is within our philosophy to promote the well-being of the community and through these new implemented processes we will be able to establish links with new partners and clients who share these values of honesty.

TFS’s 4 fundamentals to prevent, detect and confront bribery individually and as an organization.

We work in adherence to national and international laws, standards and principles as well as ethical principles and standards of Corporate Social Responsibility, respect for people and the community.

1 Compliance and respect for all

All this within the legal framework of:
General Law of Administrative Responsibilities.
General Law on the National Anticorruption System.
United Nations Convention against Corruption (UN).
ISO 37001: 2016.

Anti-bribery policy

2 Socialization and support of all

We present to our stakeholders the code of ethics and conduct that expressly declares the ideals of conduct expected within TFS to encourage them to respect them.

Code of ethics and conduct

3 Risk-based management

We implemented a process in which we evaluate in greater detail the nature and scope of the risk of bribery to our clients, business partners, suppliers and candidates for positions in the company.

Due Diligence

Together with experts, we develop training courses against bribery and related topics, as well as communication and awareness campaigns.

4. Cultivating an Anti-Bribery Culture Among Employees

In collaboration with industry experts, we craft anti-bribery training programs and cover related subjects, alongside initiating communication and awareness campaigns.


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